Grey-fleet and White Van figures on the rise

Following the government advice to use public transport only for essential journeys, employees could potentially begin to ditch public transport in favour of their own vehicles as commuters fear for their safety amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Changes to the way people work could result in more employees becoming grey fleet drivers. As lockdown eases, employers have to consider what the ‘new normal’ might be. High numbers of employees have been working from home during the Coronavirus and most expect this trend to continue. Technology has allowed key decision makers to remain at home by connecting virtually for appointments and meetings with a significant amount choosing to split their working day between the office and home.

As the economy gets back on its feet, the commercial vehicle industry will be vital to recovery, whether it is delivering groceries or serving the construction industry. Demand has increased as retail stores have been forced to close and high-risk individuals are unable to leave their homes, numbers have even exceeded those associated with the annual festive season. With very little advanced warning, the UK’s courier and retail sectors have had to rapidly increase services to an unprecedented level.

  • Tesco has added more than 200 new vans to its delivery fleet and hired another 2,500 drivers and 5,000 store pickers to help handle increased demand.
  • Morrisons has announced plans to create 3,500 jobs to help expand home deliveries to get groceries to vulnerable people.

Estimates show that demand for home delivery has increased by 100%, placing significant strain on all supply chains and vehicle off-road times have never been more important.

CraigO’Shaughnessy, Commercial Director at XVS commented “With the upward trend in traffic volumes heading towards that of pre-covid levels and the changing dynamics of journeys will mean adapting the way in which all aspects of vehicles are managed. Journey times are becoming shorter and more localised, due to people not needing to commute or travelling to work-related appointments.

Our network of Same Day Vehicle Repair centres (some operating an overnight service) are able to offer independent white van owners or grey fleet drivers a great solution to get their vehicles repaired quickly and conveniently.

We are growing our network by two additional units over the coming months, with one of our retail partners, on their customer centric retail friendly prime locations. We also have further ambitious investment plans to continue to expand our network.

The World is changing, motorist’s requirements are changing and Xpress Centres are well-placed to support you and your business moving forward.