Innovations in the Vehicle Repair Market provide a software antidote during COVID- 19

During the coronavirus pandemic our XVS technical team have been keeping themselves busy developing a new self-service booking system and triage solution to streamline the process of identifying fast-track repairs. These innovative solutions are capable of fully integrating with or acting as standalone package to your business’ current systems.

Our new triage solution is able to identify fast track repairs allowing FNOL handlers to make an immediate booking greatly reducing administrative timelines. Highlights of the software include: postcode search – determining most convenient location, booking calendar – configurable by hourly slots (toggle between day, week or month to show availability) centre specific information to assist decision making, API aligned to avoid double-key entry and integration into the claims system to push data automatically going forward. The system has also been configured using historical data and machine learning to produce vehicle valuations, repair cost reserves or salvage valuations (via CAPS, Glasses or Cazana) as well as a full damage assessment.  Full estimatics prices can be generated or an approved matrix can be loaded into the system, culminating in improved conversion rates of fast-track solutions.

Working in partnership with XVS – the benefits:

  • Xpress Centres (XC) have ample coverage to significantly service repairs converted by providers (refined triage) to improve overall claims cost.
  • Data shows that XC delivers a better conversion rate to that of a Mobile solution, this gap is set to extend as technology in modern vehicles increases.
  • XC are a fast-track solution (not a mobile solution) our scope of work is far more comprehensive.
  • New centres are regularly being opened – leading to larger capacity which will further improve conversion rates.
  • New technological developments will facilitate massive improvements in referral quality and our new self-booking portal will reduce the risk of leakage and potentially place the customer into a same-day hire or courtesy vehicle.

Simplify the way that you work with Jarvis, to find out how you can do more for less with our new claims management software contact customer support via phone or email (+44 (0)1295 274000 / Our dedicated professionals are on hand to help in providing a tailored solution for your business.