What We Can Repair

Dent Repairs from £170

Accident and dent repair garages usually replace or respray a complete panel, costing far more time and money than is necessary. The materials and techniques we use at Xpress Centres target the damaged area only.

Larger Damage Repairs from £280

Bodywork damage is unsightly and affects the value of your vehicle. Xpress Repair targets only the damaged area, not the complete panel. We mix small quantities of paint specifically to the colour code of your car, ensuring excellent colour match at less cost to you.

Bumper Repairs from £100

Our Xpress Repair uses the minimum amount of specialist materials to achieve a quality finish and an excellent colour match. We only paint the affected damaged area, not the complete bumper, to save you time and money.

Door Mirror and Stone Chip Repair from £75

Xpress Centres use a specialist injector process to fill stonechips and damaged mirrors and then match manufacturers’ colour codes to ensure a remarkable, high-quality finish. The result will enhance the presentation of your car and increase its value.

Alloy Wheel Repairs from £65

Leaving damaged alloy wheels on your vehicle allows adverse weather and corrosive road salts to corrode them further. We will bring your scuffed and kerbed alloys back to new and looking fantastic! Discounts for multiple wheels.

We Repair

Quarter Panels
Door Mirrors
Alloy Wheels